Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cat Care

Bumped into these while walking around this afternoon:


Stairwell leading down to Kevin's Studio

1st visit to Venice Beach

+ had a second interview with these guys

and had a phone interview with these guys

and definitely going to be applying to this



I’ve been in LA for a few weeks so I’m kind of still catching up with other things going on (side projects, job applications/interviews, etc.)… Last few days:


Went to opening for Elizabeth Peyton at Regen Projects; saw this and it made me incredibly sad:

Woman with her dog at Regen Projects


Went to Das Bunker to see some friends (Cyanide Regime) who are about to tour:

One of the few things light enough to photograph with an iPhone


Single guy in the "noise" area at Das Bunker


This is an oil painting finally finished for a friend/patron Robert; about to get stretched, boxed, and shipped!


The Wage of Sin is Death (for Robert)