Monthly Archives: September 2012


New JBs in the pipeline for group show in Dec:

This is a redo/update of an older painting

I think this is post renaissance but that is OK!





Quick update (for myself mostly)

Finally getting settled in central Los Angeles

Someone I know got slapped around by someone else I know

Showed some Biebers for the first time in Chicago; going to be showing them at a satellite fair in Miami at the end of the year. 

Finished Miranda July’s “It Chooses You” yesterday in one sitting in a bookstore. Has a surprising inspirational effect (especially after receiving some unsolicited career advice that was particularly depressing). 


Sorry, 2012

Sorry, 2012

Starting to make quasi-goth paintings again

New things


I have been terrible updating this; however:

I am working on more Biebers, a painting of a friend’s organ, I am included in a group show in Chicago at the end of the month and will be showing at a Satellite fair during Art Basel Miami Beach. I may even be able to get down there for the show!